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Restroom Products


Toilet Partitions

We offer a fine line of Global partitions which is a part of the ASI group.  They’re available in floor and ceiling anchored but most common is the floor anchored with overhead bracing.

Global toilet partitions are available in six different kinds of materials.

Global Powder Coated Steel is the most commonly used and is the most economically priced.   The steel is electrogalvanized to protect against corrosion with the powder coat finish electrostatically applied.  The finish is resistant to wear, fading, staining and scratching and is easily cleaned with soap and water.

Global Plastic Laminate is the next most economically priced, with the most color choices available.  It’s resistant to scratches, grease, and mars.

Global Solid Plastic (HDPE) is our recommended best investment.  Pricewise it’s in the middle but it has the best warranty of all at 15 years.  It’s highly resistant to stains, common acids and cleaning agents and moisture.  It never needs painting and will not easily dent or chip.

Global Stainless Steel is elegant, corrosion resistant and easily maintained in satin or textured finish.  Cost is on the upper end.

Global Phenolic Black Core holds up under severe moisture conditions from showers, pool and saunas or when hosing down is used for maintenance.  Vandalism resistant!

Global Phenolic Color Thru is scratch and graffiti resistant with excellent screw holding power.

toilet partitions rockford

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ASI Lockers

ASI Storage Solutions Inc. make great lockers that are designed for schools, athletic facilities, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.


All of ASI Storage Solutions’ products come standard with top of the line features, which means you won’t pay up-charges for the quality you want.  These value-priced products are readily available for timely shipment.

We offer a number of lockers collections in addition to our steel lockers, including cubbies, phenolic, fully welded and plastic, each with specific features and benefits.  With the addition of metal shelving, ASI Storage Solutions’ extensive product line means you don’t have to look anywhere else for the products you need to meet your locker system and shelving requirements, including ADA compliancy.  Plus, as our commitment to continued improvement, we add features and introduce new products regularly.

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Grab Bars

Grab Bars come in many different shapes to accommodate your needs.

They are available in 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ diameters.

They are available in stainless steel with satin finish or peened for more slip resistance

Our grab bars also come with concealed or exposed mounting.

Some configurations are shown below.

We can also install a grab bar in your fiberglass tub or shower for your personal safety! 


There is no other grab bar installation system on the market that can be installed into existing fiberglass tub and shower units or in tiled showers that do not have the solid blocking where the grab bars are normally installed. If you have such an application, Shelving Unlimited can help!


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Electric Hand Dryers

ASI offers a selection of several “no touch” accessories for cost efficiency, durability and sanitary operation.   They also offer a selection of automatic hand dryers for even more efficient operation.

Roval Tri-umph High Speed Electric Hand Dryer

Compare the Roval High Speed Tri-umph Electric Hand Dryer to the Dyson and SAVE!


You may choose from four quality collections available for most washroom accessories.  The Traditional, Simplicity, and Profile collections and the elegant Roval addition to this great line of products gives you the choice of quality at a competitive price or several design upgrades to meet your individual needs.

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Towel Dispensers

Shelving Unlimited carries a high quality line of towel dispensers for your business restrooms.  We can match the decor and style of your restroom, and we provide the best service for our products!

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Soap Dispensers

Shelving Unlimited offers a variety of soap dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers for your business restroom.  Please contact us to see more examples of the types of soap dispensers that we offer.

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Waste Receptacles

The appearance of waste receptacles for your business is extremely important, and sometimes overlooked.  Shelving Unlimited carries an extensive line of economy, as well as stylish waste receptacles for your business.  Please contact us for more information about our available product line.

Waste Receptacle Rockford

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Baby Changing Stations

ASI baby changing stations are available in 100% high density polyethetone with a 250# capacity or welded stainless steel with 400# capacity.

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