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Picture Perfect Closets Installed in 1 Day

Solid colors + over 60 thermally fused laminate colors are in stock and available. Your time is valuable, so our world class installers will be in and out of your home within one day.

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Conveniently located 1.75 miles south of Cherryvale Mall. See our latest in melamine and wire closet shelving, glass shower doors, pantry and laundry shelving, garage shelving, office furniture, and more!

Why People Trust Shelving Unlimited?

The KEY is in the DESIGN! We have been designing great closets for nearly 40 years as a LOCALLY OWNED business and have learned how to maximize storage space in practically ANY area of your home. We measure your clothes, shoes, belts, and more to ensure that our custom design layout for your closet will work well for you.

Amazing place to get shelving done professionally. This is quality stuff! If you want to organize your belongings, then I highly recommend this place! Best customer service around!

- Karen Baxter

Beautiful Melamine Shelving for Your Walk-In Closet


We have earned our reputation for designing and installing great closets. Good designs can make the most of your space. We do that!

  1. Call us at 815.654.3000 to schedule a FREE in-home consultation or setup a time to visit to our newly remodeled showroom.
  2. We will meet with you, preferably at your home where we can observe what space we have to work with and what your wardrobe or other requirements are for that space.
  3. Once your requirements are determined, we will give you a quote including the options you are interested in. We DO NOT charge for this service.
  4. Take your time to review our quote and ask us any questions that you may have that need clarification.
  5. When you decide to move forward, we will then order the necessary materials and manufacture your closet design. We will then install and be in and out of your home within a single day.


One of the easiest ways to add value and desirability to your home construction is through the use of a custom build-out of your walk-in closets.

Homebuyers love the modern style and sophistication of our closet designs!


Let Shelving Unlimited do all the heavy lifting, and then you can sell the completed installation underneath your brand. We can design, manufacture, and install the shelving (allowing you to utilize your time elsewhere).


We are experienced working with builders and have learned other ways we can make your job easier.

We fabricate and install custom glass shower doors! Click Here for more information.

Low on Cabinet Space?

Upgrading Your Pantry!

We have designed many pantries over the course of nearly 40 years of experience. We know exactly how to help increase the efficiency and functionality of your pantry.

Is Your Laundry Area Getting Crowded?

We Can Help!

From normal cabinets to stowaway ironing boards, we can design and install an improved laundry space without you ever getting your hands dirty!

Tired of the Mess?

We Can Reduce Your Clutter!

Are your family’s coats, hats, gloves, and shoes in your way? Let us analyze your needs within a FREE in-home consultation, and then design a layout to help eliminate clutter!

A Forgotten Room in Your Home?

Be Proud of Your Garage!

We have melamine cabinets that can store all of your outdoor necessities. Increase the usable storage space in your garage and raise the value of your home!

Looking for the Perfect Office Furniture for Your Space?

Commercial offices and home offices can be very unique spaces with sometimes unconventional dimensions. Let us design custom office furniture to fit your space perfectly and maximize your productivity!

Make Life Easier With Upgraded Living Spaces!

At Shelving Unlimited, we can help you get the most out of the available space in your closet. Let us help design the closet of your dreams!

Upgrade to Epoxy Coated FREESLIDE Wire Shelving

Do you have closet shelving that does NOT allow you to easily slide your clothes hangers?

That type of shelf is best known in the industry as 12” shelf-rod or SR-12 and is used primarily for volume installations because it’s low cost.

Our FREESLIDE shelving delivers much more value and functionality! We can offer you a completely custom design layout for your closet using our wire shelving. Available in white or satin nickel.

Custom Glass Shower Doors Done Right!

Shelving Unlimited also specializes in custom glass shower doors for practically any shower application.

What you need to know when hiring a company for your glass shower doors is that FABRICATION is the most important.

OUR FABRICATION PROMISE: Not all glass companies take the necessary time to custom measure every inch of every wall. For example, some walls may be plumb, while others are not. If by chance your walls are not plumb, and the company you hire for glass is not willing to custom cut the glass specifically for your application, you will be left with an unappealing gap between your wall and the newly installed glass.

We promise to custom measure every application and are indeed willing to custom cut a piece of glass to fit snugly within your shower application. We are extremely accurate and want you to be 100% happy with our work.

CLEAN EASIER WITH ENDUROSHIELD: We offer EnduroShieldTMglass technology that helps protect your newly installed glass shower doors against hard water deposits and limescale buildup, prevents the growth of bacteria, and also prevents the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning products.

SHOWROOM TOUR: Call 815.654.3000 to setup an appointment in our showroom to view 6 different types of glass shower door installations that feature different options and varying types of glass to accommodate your budget.

Showroom Location

(approx. 2 miles from Cherryvale Mall)

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